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While Ching-yee has to adjust to life at Tai-hung's family home and tries not to offend her mother in-law who overly tries to be helpful but only makes matters worst.Tai-hung's immature friend Kam Cheung (Louis Yuen) once lived an affluent life, until he was swindled out of his inheritance.When he sees students from his ultra conservative all girls school mingle with the opposite sex from another school he goes as far as to stalk them after school and then telling them to stop seeing the male students from the other school or else he will tell their parents. Due to their age difference, she has a healthier sex drive than her husband and wants to have intimacy every night. She is a sex therapist and works alongside her longtime boyfriend and later husband Tai-hung.When Tak-kee finds out that fellow teacher Emma Chung (Grace Wong) lives a promiscuous life outside of work he threatens to tell the school principle. He works as a sex counselor at the same center as Ching-yee. She is obsessed with Korean dramas to the point where attends fan meetings when her favorite idol visits Hong Kong. She likes to costume play to turn the intimacy mood on. She is reasonable as she learns to adjust to Tai-hung's family when they get married and move into his family home. He is extremely passionate of Chinese poems and tends to read it wherever he goes.Only when TVB's new online streaming platform "my TV SUPER" was launched in 2016, the drama was able to be aired online as it was able to bypass Hong Kong's strict censor rules.Sex counselor Mok Tai-hung (Eddie Cheung) and sex therapist Lam Ching-yee (Sharon Chan) have been dating for five years.

The sex theme topic of the drama was deemed inappropriate to be aired during network television prime time.He has an extremely hairy chest and likes to frequent local prostitutes.He gets himself entangled with Mok Siu-tou when she becomes the person he constantly ask to borrow money from.Later she is a self-improvement instructor who uses the position to scope out potential victims to defraud.Tai-hung and Kam Cheung devise a plan to stop her from defrauding their good friend, Liu Chun-cheung.

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The two love each other very much and want to take their relationship to the next step by getting married.

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