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He adds that he’d always been embarrassed in female company, and still hasn’t quite got the hang of it.“I differ from other PTBFs in that I have low self-confidence.Like girls involved in a previous Hong Kong phenomenon called “compensated dating”, there’s a social stigma attached to being a part-time girlfriend because of the widespread assumption that they are all available for sex at a price.Jo, who requests anonymity, says not all part-time girlfriends are selling their bodies.While other PTBFs highlight their strengths on their self-introduction on Instagram, I emphasise that I’m not a good PTBF.When I think I haven’t performed well, I feel I don’t deserve the customer’s money.” Brian doesn’t set standard rates; he lets customers decide how much his company is worth to them, “because I don’t want the customer to feel that what they’re getting isn’t up to their expectations.Like many PTGFs, Jo comes from a working-class family.

I have nothing to fear about people finding out I’m a PTGF.After all, I gain something (social skills) from being a PTBF and the customer gains something (intimacy) too.” Although he finds dates awkward, he is learning to take the initiative.“While watching a scary movie, if the girl is frightened, I pat her on the shoulder, or offer to put my arm around her,” he says. They give him positive feedback, but “these are acts of politeness”.Even so, she receives frequent requests for casual hook-ups, which she flatly rejects.“Many people (on Instagram) accuse me of being a prostitute, but I have learned to be patient with them,” she says.

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