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Since it usually takes me around three solo approaches to warm up (with a friend it takes one), if I stop at five then I’m stopping way too soon.

The second big downside of flying solo is you have no wingman to occupy the friend.

To combat this I put a number in my head, usually ten, and venue permitting I do that many approaches before I’m allowed to go home.As long as the girl loves you and you can stay awake longer than the friends, isolation is going to happen, but it doesn’t guarantee you’ll get the bang.Sometimes what it takes is having to commit your entire night (and early morning) to the girl.Isolation takes much longer and sometimes never comes.I’ve been in many situations where I knew the girl liked me but her friends wouldn’t fuck off, so I had to stick around for three hours or more until there was a moment I could finally isolate.

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Here are some generic questions to ask someone in the line of a club: 1. ” (Cocky humor follow-up: “I wish I didn’t leave my gold VIP double extra platinum card at home so I could cut up to the front.”) 2. “Do you know what type of music they’re playing tonight?

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